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Please read the letter from  our Chair of Governors. MAY 2018


Dear all,

I am sure you will share my sadness that Sue Brown our Headteacher, has resigned and will be leaving our school at the end of December.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work over her many years with us. We are a thriving, happy school that is very much at the heart of our community and now we have a stunning larger building that will enable us to grow even more. Much of the credit for this must go to Sue; her strong vision and commitment to our values have helped us grow whilst maintaining an inclusive ethos. Furthermore the smooth running of the project is down to Sue's excellent relationships with all involved. It is Sue's commitment and knowledge of each individual involved with our school and her excellent working relationships with staff, families, children and governors that I have really valued during the eight years that I have known and worked with her.

With sad farewells, inevitably come hellos and we as a governing body are already starting the process of recruiting for the next Headteacher. The Local Authority are also advising us to make sure this process is as smooth and efficient as possible. I want to assure you that as governors we are very proud of the school and the distinct ethos we have. We will be very mindful during this process to ensure that whilst we embrace new visions, challenges and change, we will hold on to what is dear to us as a school. We will endeavour to keep you as informed as appropriate and possible over the coming months.

With very best wishes

Charlotte Lyons

Chair of Governors.

  Thorpe Willoughby Attendance Record for Full Governors and Committee Meetings 
  2016 / 2017                        
    22nd  19th 24th 2nd 22nd  30th 4th 15th  6th      
    Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Feb-17 Mar-17 Mar-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17      
  Sue Brown  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
  Jan Tetley Y Y Y Y N N N Y Y      
  Marilyn Lunn Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y      
  Sandra Ulett Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
  Jo Empson Y N Y Y N Y Y Y Y      
  Lee Mason Y Y Y Y N Y Y N N      
  Anita Fieldhouse  Y Y N Y Y N Y N N      
  Charlotte Haines Lyon Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y N      
  Louise Fletcher  N N N R R R R R R      
  Margaret Beal         Y Y Y Y Y      
  Sue Battersby                 y      
  Attended  Y                      
  Non Attendance N                      
  Resigned  R                      

 Governors letter to parents - July 2017

 County of North Yorkshire

Thorpe Willoughby Community Primary School

Londesborough Grove, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby YO8 9NX

Tel: 01757 703996


Headteacher: Mrs. S E Brown


July 2017

Dear All,

All too quickly we have come to the end of another academic year. On behalf of the governing body, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the hard work of staff, parents, carers and children this year. We have seen fantastic achievements whether it is in their academic studies, caring for each other, sporting activities, performances or indeed business enterprises. We are immensely proud of school and its caring but ambitious atmosphere. When governors undertake learning walks we are always impressed at the behaviour of children, the engaged teaching we see and how the children relate to all the staff. A particular highlight this year was some year 6 children attending a governors’ meeting and telling us about their business plans.

This year we have seen some changes in staff. We have said goodbye to, and welcomed new colleagues. We are also about to undergo our building project in which the school will be extended to accommodate new families from the housing that is being built in the area. This is an exciting new phase for the school and we look forward to the results, new friends and a bit more space to work in.

There has also been change in the governing body. We have welcomed new governors this year and have been delighted with how they have immersed themselves within the life of the school so readily. Jan Tetley has stood down as Chair of Governors after ten years of exemplary service but has kindly agreed to stay on as a governor. We would like to thank Jan for all her hard work, leadership and wisdom over the years. I have become Chair now, but am slightly nervous of filling Jan’s shoes! However, I am sure with the support of the governing body including Anita Fieldhouse as Vice Chair, we will continue to move from strength to strength.

As we say goodbye to our current year 6s, we celebrate not only their good academic achievement but the wonderful young people that they have become. We hope you are

equally proud and will join us in wishing them all the best for high school and future endeavours.

Finally we would like to thank all the staff for working so hard this year to ensure that our children not only develop academically but as lovely caring and responsible young people.

We wish you all a good and restful summer break.

Charlotte Lyon

Chair of Governors.


Governing Body - 2017

Mrs J Tetley

Chairperson, Co-opted Governor

e-mail =

Mrs C Lyon

Vice-Chairperson, Co-opted Governor

e-mail =

Mrs M Beal

Co-opted Governor

e-mail =

Mrs J Empson

Parent Governor

e-mail =

Mr L Mason

Parent Governor

e-mail =

Mrs A Fieldhouse

Parent Governor

e-mail =

Mrs M Lunn

LEA Governor

e-mail =

Mrs S Brown

Head Teacher

e-mail =

Ms S Ulett

Staff Governor

e-mail =

S Edwards

Local Authority Clerk

e-mail =

Mrs S Battersby

Associate Governor

e-mail =



 To see the Attendance Record for Full Governors and Committee Meetings for 2016 - 2017, please click HERE to open and Excel file.


  Thorpe Willoughby Attendance Record for Full Governors and Committee Meetings 
  2015 / 2016                        
    17th  9th  19th  4th  23rd 23rd 5th  9th  7th      
    Sep-15 Nov-15 Nov-15 Feb-16 Mar-16 Mar-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16      
  Sue Brown  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
  Jan Tetley Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
  Charlotte Haines Lyon Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y      
  Marilyn Lunn Y Y Y Y N N N Y Y      
  Laura Griffiths Y N Y N R R R R R      
  Louise Fletcher Y Y Y Y N N Y N N      
  Sue Battersby Y N Y Y N N R R R      
  Gemma Ramnauth Y N Y Y Y Y R R R      
  Sandra Ulett N Y Y Y N N Y Y Y      
  Anita Fieldhouse  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y      
  Lee Mason                 Y      
  Jo Empson                 Y      
  Attended  Y                      
  Non Attendance N                      
  Resigned  R                      



Governing Body Position Statement- April 2016



The GB is proud of the school’s status of a Rights Respecting School and believe this is a central driver for all we do.

The Governing Body (GB) of TWCPS  are  required to complete a ‘Skills Audit’ each year formally or informally with the chair. The GB is keen to maintain and/ or increase the diverse skills that are currently present. Two parent governors have  resigned in-year due to work commitments and one co- opted governor.

We benefit both from the long term commitment to the school of several governors as well as newer governors.


We value the skills that many governors bring:-


Early years’ provision knowledge


Data analysis

Financial acumen

Safe guarding, health and safety  


Governors continue to improve their skills and therefore increase knowledge and understanding of governance issues. Governors have engaged with county, HMI briefings and training, cluster meetings, interactions with our partner school as well as attending training provided to staff within the school. It is recognised that we are a body made up of different skills and time commitments. Some governors are very active within the school in the week and other governors bring valuable insight and skills to the school outside of school hours.


Governors are linked to the development priorities of the school, This allows greater accountability with improved quality of reporting to the Governing Body.

The Headteacher’s report, GB minutes and GB log provide more detailed information of our work.


Governing Body Objectives  for  2015-16  


We are proud of our Rights Respecting School, our achievements and the progress that is being made. We look to both support and challenge our staff. Our aim is to maintain at least a good judgment in our next inspection with some outstanding features as we work towards an outstanding judgment.


Support and challenge:

  • To ask searching questions about pupil achievement and use our skills to support the  school to achieve its aims

  • To ensure the school continues to progress by providing active support

     -Formal meetings

     -Visits to the school (link governors, learning walks, assemblies, parent’s evenings)

-Training to keep up to date with current good practice and developments


Provide strategic management:

  • Helping to set the school’s aims and objectives and then monitor results and progress.

  • To understand the impact of the new base line assessment and monitor progress 

  • To monitor maths results and witness the developing mastery curriculum   taught in maths’ lessons and across the curriculum

  • To monitor English with  emphasis on writing to ensure raising of attainment and achievement

  • To develop a formalised protocol for classroom visits



TWCP School Governing Body Membership  as of April 2016



Term of Office Expiry Date

Jan Tetley Co opted  Governor 31 August 2019

Charlotte Haines Lyon

Co opted  Governor

31 August 2019

Sandra Ulett

Teaching Staff Governor

31 August 2017

Marilyn Lunn

LA Governor

31 August 2017

Louise Fletcher

Co opted  Governor

31 August 2019

Anita Fieldhouse

Parent Governor

31 August 2018

Mr L Mason

Parent Governor (from June 2016)


Mrs J Empson

Parent Governor (from June 2016)



Co opted  Governor



Clerk of Governors: Samantha Edwards

Governor Attendance Record with Dates as of April 2016


Full Governing Body


RIO Fri am meeting

Jan Tetley

17/9/15, 19/11/15, 4/2/16, 23/3/16



Charlotte Haines Lyon

17/9/15, 19/11/15, 4/2/16,23/3/16

9/11/15 & 23/3/16


Sandra Ulett

19/11/15, 4/2/16,



Marilyn Lunn

17/9/15, 19/11/15, 4/2/16,


29/1/16 & 18/03/16

Louise Fletcher

17/9/15, 19/11/15, 4/2/16,


29/1/16 & 18/03/16

Anita Fieldhouse

17/9/15, 19/11/15, 4/2/16,23/3/16

9/11/15 & 23/3/16

















JT 2016


 Re-constituted Governing Body 2015

Mrs. J Tetley     Chairperson        Co-opted Governor

I have been involved with school for many years.   I am proud to have been involved with education both in my working life and for this community school.  Our role as a governor is to support the head teacher and help in the school’s strategic development. We are a committed group who have different specialist knowledge  and freely give our time for the  school and  your children’s interests . 

Mrs C Lyon        Vice-Chair            Co-opted Governor

 I have been a governor Thorpe Willoughby for five years and have two
daughters in the juniors. As the English Governor I am regularly in
school to see how we are continually improving our English teaching. As
Vice Chair I work with the Chair to ensure the Governing Body works
together effectively with staff in developing , monitoring and
supporting the strategic direction of the school. I am also studying for
a PhD at York St John, and am researching Parental Engagement in Education.

Dr L Fletcher                                  Co-opted Governor



Mrs S Battersby                             Associate Governor

Hello,my name is Sue Battersby and I have been a governor for many years. My main interests are in SEN and early years education. I passionately believe in education from cradle to grave and am proud to serve such a wonderful community primary school. Strong foundations give children the tools for a successful, happy and fulfilling future. TWCP School is a happy, thriving place for children to build these foundations for life.

Mrs M Lunn                                  LEA Governor

 I have been connected with TWCPS for the past 40 years as a parent, member of staff, member of Friends’ Association and Governor.  Until  I retired  2 years ago I was the school Office Manager with an extensive knowledge of all aspects of our school, including financial data.  I am pleased to have been a Governor for over 20 years, serving as a member of both  the Finance and Rapid  Improvement  Committees.

I now come into school 2 days a week to help in any way I can to support our pupils, staff and parents.



Mrs A Fieldhouse                          Parent Governor

I have lived in the Village for 40 years and have 4 children ranging from 24 years and 3 years old.  3 children have attended / attending this school.
I have been involved with the school and Childcare Centre for 24 years now and am Chair of TWCC Management Committee
I have been a parent governor for a year and I am also a member of the Finance Committee, my career  background is mostly clerical administrative based.

Mrs S Brown                                 Head Teacher

Ms S Ulett                                  Teaching Governor

S Edwards                                                   Clerk  


GOVERNING BODY 2015-16 Roles and Responsibilities

NB: All Governors to attend the Finance & Premises are welcome to attend the Rapid Improvement Sub-Committee.




Additional committees


Term of office ends

Mrs S Battersby Co-opted Governor Personnel Pay Policy


Safeguarding and Prevent strategy

Health and Safety

Early Years provision: quality and standards


Outcomes for learners

Performance-related Pay

Leadership and management

31 August 2019
Mrs S Brown Head teacher



Health and safety

Performance related Pay

Mrs A Fieldhouse Parent Governor   Quality of teaching, learning and assessment, RE 31 August 2018
Dr L Fletcher Co-opted Governor   Science, outcomes for learners 31 August 2019


Mrs M Lunn LA Governor  


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment,

Leadership and Management, Finance

Performance-Related pay

31 August 2017
Mrs C Lyon

Co-opted Governor

Vice-Chair of Governing body


Review of Curriculum, Outcomes for learners

Pupil Voice, English

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

31 August 2019


Mrs J Tetley

Co-opted Governor

Chair of Governing body

Personnel Pay Policy

Performance-related Pay, Maths

Equality and Diversity

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment,

Leadership and Mangement

31 August 2019
Ms S Ulett Teaching Staff Governor     31 August 2017



TWC Primary School Governors Register of Interests September 2015

(Listed following this pattern)

Name, Type of Governor, Business Interests, Nature of Interest, Date of appointment or acquisition, Date of cessation of interest, Date of Entry, Personal Governance interests in other educational establishments, Personal relationships with staff at this school.


Type of Governor

Business Interests

Nature of Interest

Date of appointment

or acquisition

Date of cessation

of interest

Date of Entry

Personal Governance

interests in other 

educational establishments

Personal relationships

with staff at this school

Mrs S Battersby Associate Governor N/A Child Care Centre Manager      

TW Child Care Centre


Mrs A Fieldhouse Parent Governor   Child Care Centre Chair of Committee       TW Child Care Centre Manager N/A
Dr L Fletcher Co-opted Governor N/A         N/A N/A
Mrs L Griffiths Parent Governor   School Admin officer's sister in law       N/A Sister in law
Mrs M Lunn LA Governor N/A         N/A N/A
Mrs C lyon Co-opted Governor N/A         N/A N/A
Mrs G Ramnauth Parent Governor  

Trainee Teaching Assistant

registered as supplty TA at school

Child Care Centre committee member 

      TW Child Care Centre N/A
Mrs J Tetley Co-opted Governor N/A         N/A N/A
Ms S Ulett Staff Governor N/A         N/A N/A
Mrs S Brown Headteacher N/A         N/A N/A




Attendance Record with Dates for the Governors for 2014-15 (to present)

Governor Full Governing Body Committee Finance Committee
Jan Tetley 18.9.14; 12.2.15 22.10.14

Charlotte Haines Lyon

18.9.14; 27.11.14; 12.2.15 N/A
Shane Longhorne 18.9.14

22.10.14; 25.3.15

Sue Battersby 18.9 14 N/A
S Ulett 18.9.14; 27.11.14; 12.2.15 -
Tracy Gleeson 18.9.14; 27.11.14 22.10.14
M Lunn 18.9.14; 27.11.14; 12.2.15 25.3.15
Ian Lawton 18.9.14; 27.11.14 25.3.15
Anita Fieldhouse 18.9.14; 12.2.15 22.10.14; 25.3.15
Gemma Ramnauth 18.9.14; 27.11.14; 12.2.15; 25.3.15
Laura Griffiths 18.9.14; 27.11.14; 12.2.15 22.10.14; 25.3.15

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